Biolane Active GLME

Pure Green Lipped Muscle Extract

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    Natural efficacy from the New Zealand seas

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    Pure Green Lipped Muscle Extract

Biolane® – Natural efficacy from the New Zealand seas

A safe, natural and effective product for arthritis and joint health

  • Reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness in arthritic joints
  • Research-proven benefits for humans and animals
  • Developed specifically, from start to finish, as a therapeutic joint product
  • Manufactured using a unique extraction process
  • Over 35 years of success in international markets

Biolane® extract is a therapeutic ingredient used in popular international arthritis supplements. Products containing Biolane® have been successful on the market since 1974.

Biolane®: a unique, therapeutic extract

Biolane® is a unique extract made from fresh, live, peak condition New Zealand green lipped mussels (Perna canaliculus). Biolane® is completely natural, and has been shown to be safe and effective for arthritis and joint health.

Grown sustainably and ecologically in ocean farms

Biolane® mussels are cultivated in sustainable open-water ocean farms in the clear, pristine seas of New Zealand. Major international environmental agencies rank New Zealand farmed mussels as one of the world’s most eco-friendly seafoods.

Unique extraction process

From the ocean, peak condition mussels are quickly transported to the Biolane® factory, where they are processed into a therapeutic extract in a matter of hours. This extract is then used in joint supplement products around the world.

Shown to be effective

Published research shows that Biolane® extract is effective against arthritis in humans and animals. It can be used to help treat arthritis symptoms, or taken preventatively to slow the natural joint deterioration that can occur with age.

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